How to Interview Your Videographer – Tips from a Raleigh Wedding Planner

Poppy Belle Design is a Raleigh wedding planner & florist. Feature photo by Krista Joy Photography.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but we all know weddings encompass much more than pretty dresses and creative design.

The digital age we live in has seen an increase in wedding videos, allowing couples to capture the sights and sounds of their big day in a more stylistic, artistic and cost-effective way than ever before!

Now, there are many arguments for and against hiring a wedding videographer, and during my time as a planner in the Raleigh area I’ve certainly seen gorgeous weddings with and without one. But if you do decide to go down that road, here are a few things to consider.

Professionals are the best way to go here. They can be new to the business or veterans with decades of experience, but someone who has trained in the craft will give you a higher quality, more reliable product.

Crowd-sourcing has definitely become a trend, and wedding photography is not immune to that fad. You’ll find several different companies out there that eliminate the shooting labor by sending you a few hand-held cameras and charge you for the editing portion. This can be nice in a pinch, but again I would caution you to stick with someone who knows what they’re doing—and has the equipment capable of truly capturing the special moments on your big day!

So, how to find the videographer for you?

It’s a very similar process to finding your photographer, really, though you don’t need to jump on this one quite so soon in the wedding process. Once you’ve done your online research and picked out a few candidates and set up interviews, here are questions to consider:




Do you have my date available?

Are you shooting other events that same weekend?

How far in advance do I need to book you?

How long have you been a wedding videographer?

How many weddings have you shot?

Are you the videographer who will shoot my wedding, or will it be an associate?




What are your different packages?

How many hours does the package include?

How much does it cost for additional time?

How do your pay rates work? Is it hours at the event, hours of editing or a combination?

Do you have different video length options?

Is there an additional fee if we go over time the day of?

What time do you like to get to the venue, given a certain ceremony start time?

Is there just one shooter?

How much doest it cost to add a second shooter?

Can I give you a list of specific shots we want to take, or do you prefer to have free creative reign?

Are you opposed to working with a photographer?

What information do you need before the wedding?

Do you have a backup plan in a worst-case scenario, if you get sick or injured?

If my wedding site is out of the area, do you charge a travel fee? What qualifies as out of the area? How much is it?

Have you ever been to my site before? If not will you go check it out beforehand?



How would you describe your style?

How do you like to work while at weddings? (What you’re trying to figure out here is: do they blend into the background? Do they look for candid shots? Or do they try to insert themselves and get more choreographed shots?)

Can you capture stills from your video? Does that cost extra?

How do you decide on the background music for your video?

Do you include getting ready shots and other candid moments?

How much of the ceremony and vows do you include?

Can you provide a longer version that has the whole ceremony? How much extra does that cost?

What equipment do you use?

Do you require extra or special equipment to capture audio?

Do you have backup equipment?

Are you prepared to shoot in rain or other unfavorable conditions?

Are you prepared to shoot in dimly lit rooms?

What will you wear the day of? (This will allow you to discuss formality of the event etc. and let them match your style.)




How long after the wedding will I get the video?

What form does that come in? Do we get a video file, a DVD?

What are the restrictions for sharing the video online or on social media?



When do we sign a written contract? Can I see a copy of that beforehand?

How much is the deposit?

When is that due?

When is the final amount due?

What is the cancellation policy?


There are many, many ways to remember your big day. If you want to capture it in video, make sure you find the right person for you, your style and your day. Many people want many different things out of video—brief snapshots, artistic representations, a full documentary—and you’ll need to have good communication with your videographer ahead of time to make sure everyone is on the same page.

That’s where your planner comes in! Let Knots ‘N Such to help you navigate the vendor scene and make sure the videographer understands and implements your vision. You can reach me at 919-245-5440 or

Yvonne & Cash – Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist

Yvonne & Shamaine are the most fun couple I’ve ever worked with!  EVERY meeting I was laughing until my cheeks hurt.  And that’s no exaggeration!  They love life and each other, which made my job so stinkin’ easy.  My job?  Coordination and floral design.  And I was SO honored to do it!

Yvonne is insanely organized – a Raleigh wedding planner’s dream client!  haha  When reviewing her plan, I was blown away by how thorough she was!  Hey, Yvonne, you’ve got a job here should you ever decide to switch careers.  😉  She’d planned so many moving parts, beautiful aspects, for the ceremony and reception.

The ceremony was held at her childhood church in Roxboro.  Very touching!  There was even a pew dedicated to her grandmother.  How awesome to get married in such a special place in the history of her family!

Her color palette was wisteria and silver.  And she LOVES wildflowers.  During our design consult her eyes LIT UP when I showed her a bouquet with a single peony front and center surrounded by smaller, wilder blooms.  So guess what I had to do?  Get her a peony!  I loved the look on her face when she saw her bouquet; I like to spoil my brides.  🙂

Yvonne and Shamaine included all of their children in the ceremony in various ways.  Some were ushers, some bridesmaids, some junior bridesmaids, and some flower girls.  The wedding party was a total of 19 people – one of the largest I’ve ever seen!  But all of them did such a great job  at rehearsal and did absolutely perfect at the wedding!  They also did a sand ceremony that included all the children – there were 4 different colors of sand that mixed together beautifully in a gorgeous vase.  Yvonne & Shamaine must’ve been sooo proud!  The cherry on top was the lovely playing and singing of harpist Julie Money.  It was all enough to make me teary-eyed!

If you’re a regular follower, you know that I posted something recently about 2015 flower trends.  Included in that list was having bridesmaids wear corsages instead of carry bouquets.  Months ago, I suggested it to Yvonne and she was all for it!  I love when my brides think outside the box!  And what trendsetters we are here at PBD.  😉

The reception was equally as magical and FUN.  I had fun just watching!  But, as usual, I’m rambling, so I’m gonna be quiet and let the pictures do the talking.  View the full gallery here.

Many thanks to all the wonderful vendors!

Coordination & floral design:  Knots ‘N Such

Venue:  Durham Convention Center

Pre-wedding Photographer:  Danell Beede Photography

Photographer:  Howard Gaither Photography

Harpist/Vocalist:  Me & My Harp – Julie Miller Money

DJ:  Michael Bond

Videography:  Bay Leaf Productions

Cake:  Details Cake Designs